The New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG) provides free civil legal services to low-income New Yorkers.  NYLAG clients include immigrants, seniors, the homebound, families facing foreclosure, renters facing eviction, low-income consumers, those in need of government assistance, children in need of special education, domestic violence survivors, persons with disabilities, patients with chronic illness or disease, low-wage workers, low-income members of the LGBTQ community, Holocaust survivors, and others in need.

Applicants should have excellent research, writing, and analytical skills, and a strong commitment to public interest law.  To apply, submit a cover letter and resume to  Applicants may be considered to for more than one position, but should indicate in a cover letter which positions are of interest and describe relevant experience.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.





NYLAG’s Consumer Protection Unit is a team of dedicated attorneys that provide legal representation to individuals who are being sued by debt collectors, facing foreclosure, victims of consumer fraud, and more.

Consumer Protection Unit Intern
The Consumer Protection Unit supports unrepresented litigants in consumer debt cases in New York City’s Civil Courts.  Interns will have the opportunity to represent clients in court, negotiate with opposing counsel, and argue before a judge. The legal intern will appear in court in defense of debt collection actions (under attorney supervision), perform legal research, draft motion papers, create legal self-help and reference materials, work directly with clients, conduct client intakes, and more. Some light administrative work is expected, such as entering client data into our client database.

Foreclosure Prevention Project Intern
The Foreclosure Prevention Project provides legal representation for homeowners facing foreclosure. The project also includes community education and financial counseling.  Intern responsibilities include: client intakes and interviews at the Foreclosure Clinics in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Nassau or Suffolk, attending settlement conferences and court appearances, conducting legal research, submitting mortgage modification and short sale applications to lenders, assisting clients with residential real estate contracts and closings and all other aspects of foreclosure defense.



NYLAG’s Public Benefits Practice handles matters related to eligibility for a full range of federal and state public benefits that provide a critical lifeline for New Yorkers in need. Attorneys work to ensure that low-income families, children, the elderly, those with disabilities, and other vulnerable populations have access to the public benefits they are entitled to, including public assistance, SNAP benefits, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income.

Economic Justice Intern

The Economic Justice intern will work with Project FAIR, the Mobile Legal Help Center, and the Economic Justice Clinic. Interns will take on economic justice cases (representing clients at Fair Hearings about public benefits, Medicaid, etc.), and other legal and administrative projects. Interns may also have the opportunity to argue a SSI/SSDI appeal before an Administrative Law Judge.

Elder Law Practice Intern
An intern in the Elder Law Practice will work closely with our five attorneys to provide direct elder law services to low income seniors. Elder Law’s primary focus is obtaining health care and ensuring that client’s wishes followed through advanced life planning. Interns will gain a familiarity with  public health insurance options and appeals, long term care in the home, the use of Supplemental Needs Trusts for disabled individuals, and the many planning documents, including powers of attorney, health care proxies, living wills and last wills and testaments.

Veterans Legal Assistance Project

NYLAG’s Veterans Justice Project provides free legal services to New York City veterans who cannot afford to hire a private attorney. We are committed to helping our clients secure the compensation and benefits they earned through their dedicated service to our country. Intern responsibilities will include, client interviewing, legal research and writing.



The Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program (EFLRP) advocates for access to health care for low-income elderly clients and people with disabilities, emphasizing access to long-term care services through the Medicaid program that enable people to live in their homes rather than institutions.  EFLRP uses a four-pronged approach:  (1) providing direct legal services to help  people  navigate the complex systems that provide access to health care and home care; (2)  training and providing technical assistance to social workers, health care providers, lawyers, and other professionals throughout the State, arming them with information and advocacy strategies; (3) Educating the public with a health law information website:, with the help of two other NY-based legal services organizations; (4) representing consumer interests through policy advocacy at the state, local and federal level.

EFLRP Intern

EFLRP interns will help clients who are elderly or have disabilities secure Medicaid and Medicare eligibility and services, with emphasis on long-term care services that allow them to remain in their homes or transition appropriately from hospitals or long-term care facilities to the community.  Responsibilities will include conducting intakes, case management and investigation, researching and writing legal memoranda, preparing materials for community or professional trainings, and editing articles for publication on  Interns may also have the opportunity to represent clients in Medicaid Fair Hearings in front of an Administrative Law Judge.



Dedicated to social justice, NYLAG’s Immigrant Protection Unit (IPU) provides New York’s low-income immigrant communities with comprehensive legal services through consultation and direct representation on immigration matters. IPU assists individuals in securing or continuing lawful status in the United States through adjustment of status and other complex legal remedies that may be available to them. The IPU also aims to facilitate family reunification through family-based immigrant petitions, humanitarian parole, asylum, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, Temporary Protected Status, Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, U Visa & VAWA petitions, and other forms of relief. As one of the largest immigrant services providers in the State of New York, IPU educates immigrant communities about the dangers of fraudulent immigration law practitioners and other barriers to attaining citizenship. Through its comprehensive approach, IPU seeks to broaden and improve access to quality legal representation and address the social welfare needs of New York’s low-income immigrant community.

Immigrant Protection Unit Intern

IPU interns provide direct client services, including application assistance for naturalization, self-petitions for domestic violence victims, T visas for victims of human trafficking, U visas for victims of crimes, other affirmative and humanitarian based applications, and in some instances, applications for asylum. The internship provides the opportunity for extensive legal research as well as drafting comprehensive legal memoranda. Finally, students also have the opportunity to be involved in community outreach and other project based initiatives. Strong preference for fluent Spanish speakers.


The Justice at Work Project provides representation in cases involving wage and hour issues (including overtime, unpaid wages, and minimum wage claims), as well as a broad range of other employment law issues.  Intern responsibilities include: client interviewing, legal research and writing, and drafting demand letters and complaints.



LegalHealth partners with medical professionals to address the non-medical needs of low-income people with serious health problems.  LH complements health care with legal care – providing free legal services in medical facilities and training healthcare professionals to understand the legal issues their patients face.

LegalHealth Intern
LegalHealth Interns will help patients secure benefits, address housing issues, handle immigration matters, access special education services, solve insurance disputes, resolve family law matters and negotiate workplace accommodations.  Intern responsibilities will include client interviewing, maintaining client files, legal writing and research.



NYLAG’s Matrimonial & Family Law Unit provides consultation, advocacy and representation in a wide range of family law issues, prioritizing assistance to victims of domestic violence.

Family Law Unit Intern

FLU interns have extensive client contact, draft petitions and motions, attend court proceedings and trainings throughout the summer.  Interns will assist petitioners with orders of protection through the Courtroom Advocates Project (CAP) in Family Court, and will work on a variety of matters on their supervising attorney(s) docket including contested and uncontested divorces, custody & visitation, spousal and child support and immigration matters under the Violence Against Women Act.   To apply please send a cover letter, resume and writing sample with “FLU intern” in the subject line to Lisa Rivera at  Strong preference for fluent Spanish, Mandarin & Arabic speakers.

LGBTQ Law Project Intern

The LGBTQ Law Project serves New York City’s low-income Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer communities by providing free representation and advice on a wide array of civil legal matters and offering group trainings on legal issues affecting the LGBTQ communities.  The LGBTQ Law Project provides free representation in the following areas: housing and family law matters, including orders of protection, second parent adoptions, custody and visitation, divorces, legal name changes, immigration issues, orders of protection, public benefits, estate matters, advance directives, housing and employment discrimination and more.  Fellow responsibilities will include: working directly with clients, intake, client interviews, maintaining and updating client files, legal research, drafting and filing court and client documents.  To apply please send a cover letter and resume with “LGBTQ Intern 2016” in the subject line to Julia Geiger at

Mediation Project Intern

The Mediation Project gives low income New Yorkers the same choice of process to resolve family, matrimonial and employment law disputes as their wealthier counterparts.  For divorces, parties mediate at NYLAG and are paired with outside consulting attorneys who give them advice and review the agreement before they sign it, which is a unique program in New York State.

Interns will interview potential clients about issues to be resolved, screen out domestic violence cases through clients’ interviews, observe, take notes and write a summary of mediation sessions and conduct outreach to community based organizations about the project. In addition, students assist clients prepare statements of net worth and gather financial information, draft agreements mediated by the parties at NYLAG, work on an uncontested divorce for a party who mediated their agreement at NYLAG, as well as research and write a guide on issues such as equitable distribution, support, custody/visitation and domestic violence to  be used by consulting attorneys

To apply, please send cover letter, resume and writing sample with “Mediation Project” as the subject to Antoinette Delruelle at Strong preference for fluent Spanish speakers.



To ensure that disabled children receive the best possible opportunities to learn and grow, NYLAG’s Special Education Unit offers consultation and representation to low income families on a variety of educational issues.

Special Education Intern
Special Education interns will address such matters as the adequacy of child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP), the appropriateness of child’s school placement, and a child’s need for related services, such as speech and language therapy.  Intern responsibilities will include client interviewing, maintaining client files, legal writing and research.


SLU engages in class-action and other impact litigation to ensure access to public benefits and services (such as public assistance, food stamps, Medicaid, and homeless services), education and to enforce the rights of immigrants, people with disabilities, and consumers.

Special Litigation Intern
Interns will work on a broad range of substantive issues, including public benefits, consumer protection, and special education.  SLU interns will conduct legal research and factual investigation, draft legal memoranda and court documents, and assist with motion practice and discovery in pending lawsuits.  Interns will also have the opportunity to attend court proceedings and/or case-related meetings and conferences. In addition, in connection with SLU’s For-Profit Schools Project, interns will work with SLU attorneys to explore ways to provide individual and systemic relief from student loan debts for current and former students of for-profit post-secondary schools. To apply, please email a cover letter, resume, unedited writing sample, and transcript.



NYLAG’s Tenants’ Rights Unit (TRU) represents low-income tenants who are at risk of eviction in Housing Court and before various government agencies. TRU assists clients on such matters as nonpayment and holdover proceedings, Section 8, SCRIE, DRIE and other housing matters. 

Tenants’ Rights Unit Summer Interns

TRU is seeking law students with a demonstrated commitment to public interest work and service to vulnerable populations. This position will provide extensive exposure to Housing Court litigation. Interns should be available to travel to courthouses in different boroughs, especially Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Preference will be given to candidates who are bilingual in Spanish, Russian or another prevalent language.



Total Life Choices assists individuals to implement their wishes through legal planning in the event that illness or injury renders them unable to do so. In addition, TLC also assists individuals with guardianships and estate matters.

Total Life Choices Program Intern
TLC interns will have extensive client contact and will assist with drafting Last Wills and Testaments, preparing Powers of Attorney and Advance Directives, as well as all other facets encompassing TLC’s work.  Strong preference for fluent Spanish and Cantonese/Mandarin speakers.