NYLAG Opens Hotline to Provide Free Legal Advice to Current and Former ASA College Students

You can contact NYLAG’s free ASA Student Hotline at: 
Phone: 212-659-6166 
Email: ASAHotline@nylag.org 

More Information:

In 2014, NYLAG represented a group of former ASA College students in a putative class action lawsuit against the school, Frica Sanchez v. ASA, No. 14 Civ. 5006 (S.D.N.Y.). To settle those students’ claims, ASA agreed to a prohibition on all false, misleading, and deceptive recruitment.  

In 2022, NYLAG spotted deceptive and misleading ads on the New York City subway, many of which were also posted online. NYLAG alerted ASA’s accreditor and New York City officials. The New York City Department of Consumer and Worker protection ultimately fined the school more than $100,000 for the false advertisements.  

On November 11, 2022, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education announced that it was withdrawing accreditation from ASA College. Current and former ASA students may have questions about what this means for them.

Update 12/2/2022: NYLAG wrote a letter to the United States Department of Education requesting urgent help for ASA students following the announced loss of accreditation

Update 12/20/22: Middle States Commission on Higher Education released an ASA Frequently Asked Questions Document

Update 1/20/20: 
NYLAG wrote a letter to ASA’s accreditor and the New York State Education Department requesting aditional help for ASA students

NYLAG’s attorneys and advocates are available to provide free legal advice.
Please contact the NYLAG ASA Student Hotline for more information.
Phone: 212-659-6166 
Email: ASAHotline@nylag.org 

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