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Consumer Protection

Defending victims of abusive and deceptive lending and debt collection practices to ensure future financial stability.

NYLAG’s consumer protection and foreclosure prevention attorneys work to eradicate abusive debt collection practices, lending violations, and fraud that create barriers to education, job mobility, stable housing, and, in some cases, safety for our clients. Our work promotes the long-term financial security of families with low incomes and aims to stop the cycle of debt and poverty.


consumers defended against predatory debt and lending and more last year


granted in relief for clients


Our advocacy helps individuals and families achieve long-term financial security. Here are some of the legal issues our lawyers can address:

  • Defending clients in credit card, student loan, auto lending, medical, and student loan debt proceedings
  • Advocating for victims of debt and loan scams
  • Fighting against unjust foreclosure and lending practices
  • Assisting clients in filing for a Chapter 7 consumer bankruptcy discharge
  • Bringing impact cases to stop predatory debt collection and consumer fraud

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