Disability Advocacy Project

NYLAG’s Disability Advocacy Project (DAP) works to ensure that eligible disabled individuals receive benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. DAP provides free legal advice and representation to eligible individuals when SSDI or SSI disability benefits are wrongfully denied or terminated.

For more information contact: 212-613-5024

Resources & Materials – Know Your Rights

Get Your Medical Records

You can ask your doctor and/or psychiatrist to complete these forms describing your conditions:

Medical Assessment Form

Psychiatric Assessment Form

Child Assessment Form

If your doctors complete these forms, you must submit them to SSA’s Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) even if the forms are not 100% supportive of your disability claim.

The contact information for your local hearing office can be found here: https://www.ssa.gov/appeals/ho_locator.html

In addition, these completed forms are not a substitute for your medical records and you should make sure to request and submit your medical and psychiatric records to OHO as well.

How to Represent Yourself at a Hearing Without an Advocate

While the DAP team works diligently to represent as many people as possible, we cannot represent everyone that calls us for help. Therefore, we have put together some information to help people represent themselves at disability hearings if they cannot find an advocate.

How to Represent Yourself at a Hearing Advice Sheet

How to Represent Yourself at a Hearing Advice Sheet (Spanish)

You can appeal a denial from the judge to the Appeals Council at the SSA website here: https://secure.ssa.gov/iApplNMD/oao

If the Appeals Council denies review of the judge’s decision, you can file an appeal in federal court even if you do not have an attorney. More information is available here:

Federal Court Pro Se Advice

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