education rights

Every student has the right to educational opportunity—including access to special education and a higher education free of fraud.

Each student is unique, but they all have one thing in common: the right to a quality education. Unfortunately, students are often denied this right. For example, schools fail to provide educational services to children with disabilities, in violation of federal and state laws. 

Scam for-profit schools dupe college students with limited financial resources into enrolling and taking on crushing student loan debt. Educational records don’t correctly reflect the names and genders of transgender students. These harms and so many others jeopardize students’ futures.


Our lawyers stand with students who need the legal system to right educational injustices. Here is how our lawyers can help:

  • Representing students fighting for critical special education benefits
  • Bringing class action lawsuits against predatory for-profit schools and regulators that fail to protect students
  • Helping veterans access the educational benefits they earned through their service
  • Advocating for LGBTQ students facing bullying and misgendering in school

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Statement: NYLAG Celebrates Venezuelan TPS Announcement

We at NYLAG are thrilled that recent arrivals from Venezuela will now be protected and better able to pursue a path toward work authorization and asylum. Our full statement from our President and CEO Lisa Rivera and our Immigrant Protection Unit Director and Associate Director Jodi Ziesemer and Melissa Chua.

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