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Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program (EFLRP)

Safeguarding the right to affordable health and long-term care services for seniors experiencing poverty and people with disabilities.

Medicare and Medicaid represent our societal commitment to ensuring health care access for seniors and people with disabilities. But for many living in poverty, that promise is incomplete. Beneficiaries struggle to cover Medicare’s out-of-pocket costs and face challenges navigating the complex bureaucracies that govern access to Medicaid services. EFLRP advocates for New Yorkers experiencing poverty who, because of aging and/or disability,  need Medicaid services to enable them to remain in their homes and avoid institutionalization.

To meet our clients’ needs, EFLRP  uses a combination of tools, including direct representation, policy advocacy, and public education through www.nyhealthaccess.org. EFLRP also issues periodic email newsletters with updates about developments in Medicaid in New York State affecting seniors and people with disabilities. View recent newsletters here, and sign up to receive them here.

EFLRP is part of ICAN — the New York State Ombudsprogram that helps New Yorkers with enrolling in and using managed long term care plans and other Medicaid managed care plans that cover long term care. Read more about ICAN on the ICAN website.


won in ongoing Managed Long Term Care services last year


Our lawyers and paralegals fight for seniors and people with disabilities, ensuring that they have access to the health care and home care services they need to age safely in their homes and communities. We offer the following legal services:

  • Counseling clients on Medicaid, Medicare, and home care eligibility and services
  • Training thousands of legal, social services, and health care professionals about rapid changes in health care programs and how to best serve the health and long-term care needs of seniors
  • Educating the public through the website NYHealthAccess.org
  • Representing clients in denials and reductions of Medicaid, Medicare Savings Program, and Medicaid home care
  • Assisting clients with accessing home care services through Managed Long Term Care plans

Who was Evelyn Frank?  She was a dedicated legal services lawyer in California, who for 17 years challenged cutbacks in that state’s Medicaid program affecting seniors, people with disabilities, and children. NYLAG attorneys and paralegals continue her legacy to honor her memory.

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The Latest on the Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program

Managed Long-Term Care Data Transparency Project

This project makes public, for the first time, important data showing how New York State's Medicaid Managed Long-Term Care plans spend billions of dollars to provide long-term care services to New Yorkers with disabilities.

This program was made possible in part by a grant from the New York Bar Foundation.
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