A street view of the awning for ASA College

NY Focus: For Scandal-Plagued For-Profit Colleges, No State Is More Welcoming Than New York

NYLAG’s Jessica Ranucci, attorney in our Special Litigation Unit, was interviewed for this piece from New York Focus on New York State’s tuition subsidies for poorly-performing for-profit colleges, in light of the closing of scandal-plagued ASA College.

“A small coterie of advocates have long been beating the drum about New York’s willingness to subsidize enrollment at poorly performing for-profit colleges.

“Jessica Ranucci, an attorney with New York Legal Assistance Group, says she has spoken to nearly 100 ASA students in her work. ‘Schools like ASA are just allowed to take federal and state money, pay their salaries, and there’s not a lot of oversight over what they do with that money,’ she said. ‘Students are left holding the bag. I don’t see any reason these schools should be subsidized.'”

Read the full piece by Lilah Burke for New York Focus from February 23, 2023.

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