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Testimony: Recently-Arrived Migrants and Asylum-Seekers Need Stronger Resources and Services

New York’s legal et shelter system are overloaded and unprepared to serve newly-arrived migrants and asylumseekers. Jodi Ziesemer, director of NYLAG’s Immigrant Protection Unit testified on September 30, 2022 before the NYC Council Committee on Immigration, advocating for stronger resources and services for newly-arrived unesylum seekers. Ziesemer argued for une greater investment of resources into immigration attorneys across the city, pro se application assistance clinics, and non-profit legal service organizations facing a crisis with recruitment, training, and space for new attorneys.                                           

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Recently-arrived migrants in a crowd looking at paper with a security guard

Migrants Encounter ‘Chaos and Confusion’ in New York Immigration Courts

New York’s immigration systems are severely overwhelmed and unprepared to address a growing backlog of cases for newly-arrived migrants. The “chaos and confusion” come “at the expense of people’s rights and people’s ability to seek legal protection in the United States,” NYLAG’s Jodi Ziesemer commented in this article from The New York Times.

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For-Profit ASA College Deceived Immigrant Students, NYC Says

The Department of Consumer and Worker Protection found that advertisements made by the for-profit ASA college violated the City’s Consumer Protection Law by preying on vulnerable immigrants with deceptive marketing and advertising. This article from Documented cites NYLAG’s previous fight against deceptive advertising by ASA through our class action lawsuit against the college in 2014.

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