Holocaust Compensation Assistance

We support and advocate for survivors of the Holocaust.

Holocaust survivors lived through some of the cruelest violence our world has ever known. Survivors, who are overwhelmingly in their eighties and nineties, are often eligible to receive compensation. Our compassionate team is dedicated to working with survivors to identify and obtain the compensation for which they are eligible. And we help survivors appeal when they are wrongfully denied benefits.

Beyond these benefits, our lawyers help survivors navigate complex medical and legal systems to protect their health and dignity. Our team works to secure the life-saving medical care and the long-term care survivors need to remain healthy and independent in their communities.


Holocaust survivors served last year


Our attorneys fight for survivors. Services for Holocaust survivors include:

  • Accessing pensions and one-time payments for voluntary work in ghettos
  • Obtaining an ongoing pension from the Article 2 Fund, set up by the German government to compensate Jewish Nazi victims
  • Securing an ongoing pension from the Polish government
  • Acquiring a one-time payment from the Hardship Fund for Jewish Nazi victims, as well as a fund for survivors born after January 1, 1928

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