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housing insecurity

Housing is a necessity, yet every year there are approximately 20,000 evictions and 3,000 foreclosures in New York City, which disproportionately affect low income communities of color.

Eviction can lead to homelessness, job loss, and a cascade of other negative outcomes that cause severe harm to families and their communities. With housing costs rising across the city and the exceedingly short supply of affordable housing, more and more people—families with children, seniors, people with disabilities, and veterans—are having trouble finding and keeping housing.

Foreclosure can be devastating for homeowners with low-income who often worked for years to secure a home of their own. To make matters worse, those facing foreclosure, particularly in low-income communities of color, are targeted for scams that promise relief and provide no results. NYLAG attorneys work with homeowners to keep them in their homes through litigation, fraud prevention, and community outreach.

Safe and secure housing is a basic human need and should be a universal right; without it, everything, from employment to education, becomes so much harder.


tenants and homeowners represented in the face of eviction, displacement, or homelessness, resulting in thousands of people keeping their homes 


Our talented attorneys and paralegals fight for housing justice: fair, safe, and affordable housing for adults and families so that they can stay in their communities and thrive. NYLAG’s lawyers can help in the following ways:

  • Representing clients facing eviction
  • Preventing foreclosure through litigation, fraud prevention, and community outreach
  • Helping clients secure and keep affordable housing

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