“I stand with all survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.”

By signing, I pledge to help reframe how we think about the credibility of a survivor’s story.

Through the #IamCredible campaign, I understand that trauma can affect how someone remembers their story. When recalling a traumatic event a survivor may respond in unexpected ways. They may have a flat affect, tell their story in non-chronological order, and they may even experience uncontrollable laughter. These are completely common reactions to recalling trauma.

I also understand that domestic violence and sexual assault can affect anyone: women, men, children, members of the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and so many others. All survivors deserve the dignity of belief and support when they come forward.

I stand with survivors.

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#IamCredible highlights how survivors are harmed by outdated understandings of credibility. And how you can help.

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