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How to Download, Share, or Sort Data

Beneath each visualization is a Tableau logo with several icons to the right, including:

  • SHARE icon allows you to share a particular view with all selections you made by e-mail, twitter, or FaceBook.
  • DOWNLOAD icon allows you to select your file format to download the data based on the selections you made for the visualization. If you chose Statewide 2018 data, for example, that is what will be downloaded.
    • Image (.png)
    • Data – a chart pops up with the data, with an option to download using CSV
    • Crosstab – another way to download data, using your choice of Excel or CSV
    • PDF
    • PowerPoint
    • Tableau Workbook
  • Full Screen View
  • To Sort the order in which the plans appear in the visualization, in some of the graphs you can hover your mouse over the horizontal axis at the bottom and this icon will appear.  You may need to click on the axis first – the axis will change color and this icon  appears with up and down arrows.   Click on the icon to re-order the plans from high to low or alphabetically. 
  • When you hover your mouse over the horizontal axis, if you click on this icon, a table appears with the data in the visualization based on the selections you made. You can download it as described above. 

Guide to Using the MMCOR Long Term Care Service Mix Table

DATA Source: MMCOR Exh. C – Number of Enrollees Receiving Services

  • You may view the number or percentage of a plan’s enrollees who used different long-term care services during 2018, such as the number who were in a Nursing Facility (NF) for the entire year, or who used only one of the home care services–PCS, CDPAP, or Home Health Care–or a specified combination of two of these services.
    • Note that Home Health Care (see glossary definition) is broadly defined to include not only home health aide and private duty nursing services, which like PCS and CDPAP are authorized by the hour, but also nursing and therapies, which are authorized on a per visit basis. MMCOR instructions tell plans to include Home Health Aide services in their PCS figures, if no health-related tasks were provided. See glossary definition.
    • Home Health Care also reports the number that received NF services along with one or more of the home care services during the year.
  • Selectors – this is the placement on a desktop computer. They may look different on a laptop:
    • Top right: Select the Numbers or Percent of enrollees receiving different services, combinations of services, or no services 
    • Bottom:  Select Region–Statewide or one of the four regions (see list here)
    • Bottom: Select Service–select one or more listed services or all services.  “No Services” in this selector  is a figure that was calculated by this Project, subtracting the total number of enrollees the plan reported as receiving any of the listed long-term care services from the total number of enrollees the plan reported in the same exhibit.
  • In the Color Legend at the bottom, click on a service to highlight certain services.
  • If you select only one service, and view number instead of percent of enrollees, then you can re-order the bars for each plan from highest to lowest or vice versa.
  • To do this, hover over the horizontal axis at the bottom, and this stairway icon–will appear with an up or down arrow. Click to re-order.
  • Remember that larger plans will show larger numbers of enrollees, so viewing the percent will show the percentage of a plan’s enrollees receiving a particular service. For example, using NUMBERS in the top selector, and selecting Nursing Facility Only as the service,  Fidelis, VNA Home Care Options (Nascentia), and VNS Choice were the three plans with the highest number of enrollees statewide solely receiving nursing facility care in 2018. 
  • But using the PERCENTAGE selector and selecting All Services statewide, the three plans with the largest percentage of enrollees receiving only NF care are Elderwood (62.69%), VNA/Nascentia (56.31%), and Kalos/Erie Niagra (33.25%), as evident because the green sections of their bar graphs are the longest. The exact percentages are visible when you hover over the bar for any plan.  Fidelis, in contrast, had 16.25% of its members receiving only NF care, and VNS Choice 12.21%.  To do further analysis, you can download the data. See sample downloaded data in the Report. Note significant differences between these percentages in different regions.
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