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How to Download, Share, or Sort Data

Beneath each visualization is a Tableau logo with several icons to the right, including:

  • SHARE icon allows you to share a particular view with all selections you made by e-mail, twitter, or FaceBook.
  • DOWNLOAD icon allows you to select your file format to download the data based on the selections you made for the visualization. If you chose Statewide 2018 data, for example, that is what will be downloaded.
    • Image (.png)
    • Data – a chart pops up with the data, with an option to download using CSV
    • Crosstab – another way to download data, using your choice of Excel or CSV
    • PDF
    • PowerPoint
    • Tableau Workbook
  • Full Screen View
  • To Sort the order in which the plans appear in the visualization, in some of the graphs you can hover your mouse over the horizontal axis at the bottom and this icon will appear.  You may need to click on the axis first – the axis will change color and this icon  appears with up and down arrows.   Click on the icon to re-order the plans from high to low or alphabetically. 
  • When you hover your mouse over the horizontal axis, if you click on this icon, a table appears with the data in the visualization based on the selections you made. You can download it as described above. 

Guide to Using the MMCOR Service Expenditures Table

Data source: MMCOR Schedule B 

  • This data uses the same financial data as in the MMCOR Consolidated Finance Table, except it shows solely expenditures on services, not administrative expenses and revenue.
  • Selectors – This is the placement on a desktop computer. They may look different on a laptop.
    • Top: Select the Numbers or Percent of expenditures on different services or combinations of services.
    • Top right: Button with two choices: Click on Show by Region  shows aggregated data for all plans by region or statewide, or plan-specific data by plan. Click on Show by Plan to view data by plan, which can also be viewed solely for one region using the selector at the bottom of the page. 
    • Bottom: Select Year–2017 or 2018
    • Bottom: Select Region–Statewide or one of the four regions (see list here)
    • Bottom Right: Filter Service – In the dropdown, select one or more listed services or All Services. Each service has a different color that appears in the bar graphs for each plan or region. A color legend is at the bottom below the graph.
    • Bottom Right: Highlight Service – In the dropdown, select one or more listed services that will be highlighted in the bar graphs for each plan
  • Hover your mouse over any of the color blocks of the bar graphs – whether you selected Show by Region or Show by Plan. A frame pops up with the exact dollar amount of expenditures on the service associated with the color block, along with the percentage of expenditures on that service.
  • NOTE: The percentage of expenditures shown on a selected service is solely the percentage of those services you selected to view in the Filter Service. In order to view the percentage of all plan service expenditures that was spent on a particular service, you must choose All Services in the Filter Service selector. For example, if you select to view Adult Day Health Care and Social Day Care statewide in 2018, 96.47 percent of Centers Plan expenditures for these two services was for Social Day Care.  But if viewing all services, 4.73% of all of Centers Plan’s services were for Social Day Care and 0.20% on Adult Day Health Care.  
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