NYLAG Sues Unlawful Debt Collectors

Dupres v. Houslanger & Associates

For years, the law firm Houslanger & Associates has collected debts unfairly and unlawfully, taking New Yorkers’ wages and freezing their bank accounts. Jenifer Dupres, William Soto, Domingo Tolentino, and Luis Viruet were four of these people. They were going about their lives when they suddenly got papers in the mail from Houslanger—a law firm they had never heard of—supposedly collecting on judgments Houslanger said were entered against them a decade earlier. But Ms. Dupres, Mr. Soto, Mr. Tolentino, and Mr. Viruet knew nothing about these judgments, had never gotten served with court papers in those cases, and had never heard of the companies or supposed debts those cases were about. In collecting against these people, Houslanger broke the law in many different ways.

NYLAG brought this lawsuit, Dupres v. Houslanger & Associates, PLLC et al., to help Ms. Dupres, Mr. Soto, Mr. Tolentino, Mr. Viruet, and thousands of other New York City consumers get the protection they need from this unlawful debt collection.

If your wages have been garnished or your bank account has been restrained by Houslanger & Associates in connection with a New York City Civil Court judgment, contact us: 212-613-5032 If you are not sure whether this applies to you, or you have other questions about debt collection, call NYLAG’s main line at 212-513-5000.

More Information:

Name: Dupres v. Houslanger

Dkt. #: 19 Civ. 6691 (E.D.N.Y. 2019)

Judge: Hon. Rachel Kovner

Status: Complaint filed; motion to dismiss pending.


Violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, New York General Business Law, and New York Judiciary Law, for, among other things: executing on judgments without having copies of critical documents; opposing consumers’ motions to vacate the judgments without having these documents; failing to file and service required notices; getting deceptive releases from consumers who fight back in court; and failing to return funds when ordered to do so by the court.


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