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Joe Biden Inaguration

President Biden’s First Day: New Policies That May Affect You.

Many of Trump Administration’s policies and proposals have harmed the communities we proudly serve. On January 20th, 2021, a new President (Joe Biden) and new Vice President (Kamala Harris) were sworn in. Almost immediately, the  new Administration took steps to undo some of the most egregious harms caused by the prior Administration. Below is what you should know.

On his first day, President Biden and his Administration have implemented a number of important changes.

  • Extended the federal eviction moratorium until March 31, 2021
  • Extended the federal foreclosure moratorium on USDA Single Family Housing Direct and Guaranteed loans (SFHDLP and SFHGLP) through March 31, 2021
  • Extended the suspension of federal student loan payments and interest; borrowers will not have to make payments until September 30 at the earliest.
  • Paused immigration removals for 100 days, starting January 22, 2021
    • The  following exceptions apply: 1) people for whom there is a written finding by ICE director that the person has engaged in or is suspected of terrorism or espionage or poses danger to national security; 2) arrival in U.S. on or after 11/1/20; 3) people who opt out through a voluntary waiver of rights to remain in U.S.; or 4) acting ICE Director “following consultation with the General Counsel, makes an individualized determination that removal is required by law”
  • Rescinded the “Muslim ban.” Families can now be reunited, receive life-saving health care, and pursue educational and career opportunities.
  • Rescinded Trump’s unconstitutional plan to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census count 
  • Signed an order implementing the Supreme Court’s ruling on LGBTQ workplace nondiscrimination
  • Ended Border Wall construction
  • Preserved DACA

It’s important to understand how these changes may affect you. NYLAG can help. 

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