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Public Benefits

Securing vital public benefits so that people can survive.

For many, including families with children, veterans, seniors, and people with disabilities, public benefits mean access to food, housing, and health care. However, the complex government systems that control benefits are nearly impossible to navigate without an advocate who specializes in public benefits. That’s where we come in.


secured last year in ongoing yearly public benefits for our clients


We are committed to getting individuals, children, and families the benefits to which they are entitled. NYLAG’s expert services include:

  • Accessing and maintaining benefits, including Medicaid, Medicare, Public Assistance, and SNAP
  • Challenging wrongful denial, reduction, or termination of benefits
  • Preparing medical and financial advance planning documents
  • Advocating for homecare for the elderly and those with disabilities to allow them to live safely in their own homes
  • Navigating access to shelters for people without homes
  • Ensuring that individuals with disabilities receive benefits to gain access to housing, lost income, food, and health care
  • Helping veterans secure benefits connected to their service
  • Working with immigrants to ensure access to health care, food, and housing
  • Helping to build food security through obtaining nutritional assistance (formerly food stamps)

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Help us provide free legal services to veterans, and others with low incomes, in need of public benefits to survive.

The Latest on Public Benefits

NYLAG Obtains FOIA Response About SSA’s Proposed Payroll Information Exchange with Equifax

After NYLAG filed a FOIA lawsuit, SSA produced the contract it had entered into with Equifax, pricing tables, an addendum which outlined the specific standards for the Equifax payroll information exchange, and relevant data privacy and security guidelines for the development of such a system. On February 15, 2024, SSA issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that sets forth a proposed rule for the use of this data matching process.

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