We strive to make fair and equal access to justice possible for those who need it most.

Intimate partner violence is a pervasive issue and help is available.

Every student has the right to educational opportunity—including access to special education and a higher education free of fraud.

While New York has made great strides in health care access, many remain uninsured or underinsured, causing poor health outcomes and financial strain. We can change this.

Housing is a necessity, yet every year there are approximately 20,000 evictions and 3,000 foreclosures in New York City, which disproportionately affect low income communities of color.

In the face of dehumanizing policies and rhetoric, immigrant communities stand strong. And we stand with them.

Despite gains in recent decades for LGBTQ rights, queer and transgender people still face discrimination.

From immigration to intimate partner violence to worker’s rights, sexual violence is too often part of the story.

Reentering civilian life after service can present unique, long-term legal challenges for veterans.

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