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Veterans' Rights

Reentering civilian life after service can present unique, long-term legal challenges for veterans.

Serving our country can be a great honor for many Americans. However, many veterans have experiences while serving that can lead to physical and mental health challenges later in life. Veterans with an honorable or general discharge are entitled to disability compensation, pension programs, free or low-cost medical care, and education support.

Navigating these benefits can be confusing and overwhelming. There are also veterans who are not entitled to these benefits because of less than honorable discharges, yet a lawyer may be able to get their status changed to secure the benefits they need and protect their legal rights.

Our lawyers navigate the complex systems of resources and benefits to which veterans are entitled. Veterans who receive their medical care at VA Medical Centers, as well as veterans who choose to use public hospitals, can greatly benefit from NYLAG’s services. Obtaining legal assistance through onsite VA legal clinics or community outreach clinics increases accessibility to invaluable benefits for all veterans.


in life-changing benefits awarded to veterans of the U.S. armed forces through NYLAG’s advocacy last year


Our veterans fought for us and we will fight for them. Here is how our lawyers can help:

  • Accessing life-changing veterans’ and other government benefits
  • Navigating the interactions between veterans benefits and other government benefits
  • Ensuring veterans have access to safe, affordable housing
  • Combatting consumer and student debt
  • Preparing advance directives, including wills, powers of attorney, and health care proxies
  • Addressing legal issues impacting needed health care

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NYLAG stands with veterans.

Testimony: Meeting the Needs of Women Veterans

Deborah Berkman, Supervising Attorney of NYLAG’s Shelter Advocacy Initiative, and Ryan Foley, Supervising Attorney of our Veterans Practice, submitted testimony to the New York State Assembly’s Standing Committees on Veterans’ Affair and Social Services and the Subcommittee on Women Veterans about the impacts of agencies overlooking women veterans.

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