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紐約州目前的法院結構使我們的司法系統中的不平等現象長期存在,特別是對於低收入訴訟人而言。 我們已經親眼目睹了紐約當前的法院系統如何為訴訟當事人及時,公正地解決其婚姻和家庭法律案件帶來了障礙。由於這些原因,我們支持簡化法院,並敦促委員會審查和改革任命和選舉這些法院的法官的程序。



NYCHA’s Section 8 logjam continues on for too many

An error in NYCHA’s case management system that wrongfully terminated tenants’ Section 8 vouchers continues to leave tens of thousands in jeopardy. In this follow up article on the issue, NYLAG attorney Anna Luft offered further commentary on the struggle that tenants face in accessing key information from NYCHA’s customer centers.

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Voucher Holders Navigate Through Red Tape

A failure in NYCHA’s case management system caused thousands of tenants with Section 8 vouchers to be mislabeled as delinquent on their annual recertifications. NYLAG attorney Anna Luft spoke to The Riverdale Press about the issue and NYLAG’s swift action urging the agency to immediately suspend the terminations.

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