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NYLAG與美國公民自由聯盟和其他十個組織一起,為支持由美國軍事學院西點軍校前任校長簡·多伊(Jane Doe)提起的訴訟提交了法庭之書摘要,簡·多伊曾遭受性暴力和騷擾。在2010年,美國國防部發現94%婦女錶明她們經歷了性別歧視行為。此後的幾年中,這些數字一直沒有增加。 2016年,超過10%的West Point婦女報告稱發生了不想要的性接觸,而2010年報導的West Point婦女為9.1%有所上升。此外,在Westpoint婦女中,發生了不想要的性接觸,只有5%報告說他們在2016年遭到襲擊,而14%則在2010年報告了襲擊。該簡報認為,第二巡迴法院必須承認對軍事學院中性暴力倖存者的賠償補救措施。

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NYLAG Names Lisa Rivera as New President and CEO

Rivera, a public interest attorney and staunch advocate for client-centered and trauma-informed legal services, has served in a range of positions at NYLAG for two decades, most recently as managing attorney. She is the first person of color and first Latinx person to serve in this role, and began her tenure on July 1, 2022.

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month | ReThinkAccess ReThinkSystems

The last 18 months have exacerbated many barriers that survivors face when attempting to access justice. Many of the survivors we have spoken to during the pandemic have complained of increased barriers, including lack of language access, lack of access to technology and childcare, and heightened mistrust of the legal system and the police.

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