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Business Insider: Student-loan borrowers experiencing hardship need another shot at being included in Biden’s second attempt at debt cancellation, 67 advocacy groups say

Advocacy groups are urging President Joe Biden’s Education Department to prioritize maximizing student-loan forgiveness for a wide range of borrowers. NYLAG’s Jessica Ranucci spoke with Business Insider about the Supreme Court’s decision to limit the proposed relief plan. 

“Nearly 70 advocacy groups want to ensure President Joe Biden’s Education Department uses every opportunity to get student-loan forgiveness to as many borrowers as possible. 

“On Thursday, 67 organizations — including the NAACP, the Student Borrower Protection Center, and the AFL-CIO — sent a letter to Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona requesting that the Education Department add a fourth negotiation session for stakeholders to discuss borrowers that should qualify for debt relief… 

“The department concluded its third — and what was initially planned to be its final — round of negotiations in December, and it proposed five groups of borrowers to qualify for the debt relief. But the groups did not include a category for borrowers experiencing hardship, such as those who have made good-faith efforts to repay their loans but do not have the financial means to continue doing so… 

“Following the conclusion of the December sessions, though, some negotiators told BI they were disappointed with how things ended. Jessica Ranucci, an attorney at the New York Legal Assistance Group and a negotiator on the committee, previously said that the limits on the proposed relief ‘were disappointing.’ 

“’I think that the Supreme Court’s decision does make this negotiation much more complicated because we are working on a backdrop of legal principles that are unsettled,’ Ranucci said. But she added, ‘I don’t think that the Supreme Court decision in any way forecloses any avenue towards broader debt cancellation.’” 

Read the full piece by Ayelet Sheffey in Business Insider from January 18, 2024. 

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