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NYLAG is a national leader in providing assistance to student loan borrowers.

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NYLAG is a national leader in providing assistance to student loan borrowers. NYLAG directly helps hundreds of student loan borrowers in New York City each year with their federal and private student loan debt, and through impact litigation, has helped tens of thousands more nationwide. NYLAG’s experience and free services include: 

  • Student Loan Advising and Advocacy: As part of the Education Debt Consumer Assistance Program, NYLAG helps student loan borrowers effectively manage their education debt and improve their financial health by providing free, unbiased, one-on-one consumer assistance.

  • Financial Empowerment Services: NYLAG’s financial counselors work with low-to moderate-income New Yorkers across the five boroughs to enhance their financial well-being through expert financial counseling and coaching in areas such as credit, debt (including student loans), savings and banking. Services are accessible through both in-person and remote phone counseling sessions, ensuring convenience and flexibility for our clients.

  • Legal Advocacy in Collection Proceedings: NYLAG’s attorneys fight zealously for the rights of individuals and families who have become victims of abusive, deceptive, and unfair debt collection and lending practices and help get them out of student loan debt, including by defending clients in student loan debt collection proceedings.

  • Assistance to Groups of Borrowers from Distressed Schools: NYLAG provides assistance to students who have attended schools in crisis or with sudden closures, including hundreds of former students of the Technical Career Institute (TCI) and ASA College.

  • Policy and Advocacy: NYLAG is a national leader in student loan policy and advocacy. NYLAG has represented legal services organizations and consumer advocates in multiple United States Department of Education negotiated rulemaking proceedings. NYLAG has provided comments and testimony on state and national student loan policy. NYLAG partners with other advocates for low- and moderate-income student loan borrowers across the country to support borrower-friendly policies.

  • Tools to Assist Borrowers: NYLAG pioneered the first-of-its-kind borrower defense guide to assist borrowers in submitting their own applications for borrower defense to repayment.  
  • Impact Litigation: NYLAG’s Special Litigation Unit has expertise in bringing class action and other impact litigation on behalf of student loan borrowers. NYLAG has previously represented tens of thousands of student loan borrowers, including that it has: sued the Department of Education to ensure that students who are eligible for loan cancellation are notified by the Department; challenged unlawful delay in loan cancellation; represented students in their school’s bankruptcy; and sued a student loan debt relief company. 

NYLAG’s student loan work has been featured extensively in the press, including: The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, The New York Daily News, Business Insider, Documented and New York Focus. 

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