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Ericka's Story

Weeks before her 38th birthday Ericka was diagnosed with breast cancer. She started chemotherapy just days later. Despite treatments that left her unable to work, Ericka was denied disability benefits. 

Ericka was headed towards financial and emotional devastation. 

Ericka was ready to give up the fight, until she met her NYLAG attorney, Debra. Through NYLAG’s medical-legal partnerships, Debra works closely with medical professionals to help patients battling cancer navigate the complex benefits process.

I wasn’t going to fight anymore after being denied benefits that would help me manage my Breast Cancer symptoms. But my NYLAG attorney fought hard for me.

– ERICKA, client

The fight for Ericka’s disability benefits was not easy. While Ericka endured months of treatment and over five surgeries, Debra sifted through more than 13,000 pages of medical records, and worked alongside Ericka’s care team to build a case for Ericka’s disability benefits. 

After three years, Debra won Ericka’s appeal and got her the disability benefits she needed. These necessary benefits helped Ericka stay afloat while undergoing treatment. Ericka is just one of the many patients NYLAG served through LegalHealth, our unique medical-legal partnership model. 

In a one-year period, we won millions of dollars for our clients, including $7,940,000 in ongoing yearly public benefits, and collaborated with 36 hospitals and medical centers to reach patients like Ericka. 

Can we count on you to be there for cancer survivors like Ericka, and other people in need seeking justice, with a donation to NYLAG?

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