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NYLAG on CBS New York: The impact of budget cuts on veterans services

NYLAG’s Veterans’ Practice in our Public Benefits Unit assists veterans with adjusting their discharge status—a less than honorable discharge can be due to undiagnosed mental health issues or discrimination—to ensure they get their benefits. City agencies rely on our ability to provide veterans with the legal services we do, but with citywide budget cuts, these services are at risk.

Veteran and NYLAG Staff Attorney Samuel Jung explains for CBS New York with one of his veteran clients, Alberto Rivera: “‘Helping veterans, my brothers and sister in arms, that’s my passion. It would be a real shame if I wasn’t able to do that,’ Jung said… Rivera says people like Jung gave him hope. He’s now hoping the budget cuts don’t change that hope. ‘We are asking for what we earned, deserve, need. Veterans need help. A lot of us need help,’ Rivera said.”

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