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NYLAG’s LegalHealth Partners with Mount Sinai for a Clinic to Help Breast Cancer Patients in Need of Legal Services

NYLAG’s LegalHealth Division is partnering with the Mount Sinai Medical Legal Partnership on a clinic to help breast cancer patients navigate legal issues that arise due to their diagnoses, as announced in a press release. 

Lawyers from the New York Legal Assistance Group’s Legal Health Division will assist patients at Mount Sinai’s Dubin Breast Center with unemployment issues, housing issues, social security benefits, and end-of-life documents and directives. 

“’We want all of our breast cancer patients to be able to focus on getting healthy, and when the ground is falling out from underneath you due to work or housing issues, on top of a cancer diagnosis, that can feel impossible,” said Allison Charney, MSMLP Executive Director. ‘We work to address a patient’s legal needs, which can sometimes be brought on by their medical diagnosis, to improve the overall health of our community and end the vicious cycle in which illness and disease are both cause and consequence of poverty.’ 

“Medical staff and social workers will refer patients to the clinic based on their needs. MSMLP estimates that hundreds of patients who come to the Dubin Breast Center may need legal aid.” 

Read the full press release from Mount Sinai August 2, 2023.  

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