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NYLAG борется за справедливый и равный доступ к правосудию

Founded in 1990, NYLAG is a leading civil legal services organization combatting economic, racial, and social injustice by advocating for people experiencing poverty or in crisis. 

Борьба с социальной, расовой и экономической несправедливостью

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NYLAG 2022 Gala May 24, 2022

Join NYLAG for Our Annual Gala on Tuesday, May 24

This year's Annual Gala will honor Preet Bharara, NYLAG President Beth Goldman, and Guggenheim Partners' Rob Khuzami.

Ukrainian Immigrants Are Seeking Safety: Our Response

NYLAG’s Immigrant Protection Unit is providing urgent legal services to Ukrainian immigrants as a humanitarian crisis unfolds.

Person sitting at a desk with laptop

If Your School Misled or Lied to You, You Can Apply to Have Your Federal Student Loans Forgiven

Learn more and access the guide we created to assist you in applying.

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люди, затронутые нашими услугами в прошлом году


сайты сообщества по всему Нью-Йорку, где мы предлагаем услуги


случаи жилья и потери права выкупа привели к тому, что тысячи людей сохранили свои дома


иммиграционные дела, рассмотренные в прошлом году, от заявлений о предоставлении убежища до защиты при депортации

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The Front of a Brooklyn Building

While NYCHA Stalled on Fixing Rent Aid Glitch, Tenants Suffered, Say Lawyers

NYLAG’s Anna Luft and Danielle Tarantolo spoke to THE CITY about NYLAG’s advocacy on behalf of tenants who feared eviction after receiving erroneous letters threatening to cut off their rent subsidies.

Ukrainians Find a Wealth of Community But No Legal Work in New York

NYLAG's Jodi Ziesemer spoke to Documented about the challenges and legal barriers Ukrainian immigrants are facing after fleeing war and seeking safety in New York.

Child Putting Coin in Jar

It’s Not Too Early: 3 Ways to Teach Children About Saving Money

Useful tips and resources to help you teach your children great money habits.

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