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NBC News: Venezuelan migrants apply for temporary protected status with renewed urgency as deportations are set to resume

After months of advocacy from NYLAG, we are thrilled that recent arrivals from Venezuela are now protected and better able to pursue an immediate path toward work authorization and asylum protection for at least 18 months and hopefully longer. NYLAG’s Jodi Ziesemer gave NBC News more insight about the recent news.

“NBC News spoke with five different Latino and immigration rights organizations in New York City that have been preparing to assist Venezuelans with their TPS applications and also providing legal and educational workshops and consultations. 

“Among the biggest groups doing this work are the New York Immigration Coalition, the Hispanic Federation and the New York Legal Assistance Group. There are also some smaller organizations providing crucial guidance to Venezuelans. 

“The federal government said it will soon restart repatriation flights, after Venezuelan authorities agreed to accept the return of deported Venezuelan nationals who crossed the U.S. border unlawfully and were not able to establish a legal basis to remain in the U.S. 

“Jodi Ziesemer, director of the Immigrant Protection Unit at the New York Legal Assistance Group, told NBC News she believes the repatriations will likely impact Venezuelans who recently arrived to the U.S. or who will be arriving without having a visa. Despite resuming deportations to Venezuela, immigration authorities must provide credible fear interviews to anyone looking to claim asylum. 

“’Venezuelans who have arrived to the U.S. over the past two months may be vulnerable to deportation unless they are in the middle of applying for asylum or other protections,’ Ziesemer said. 

Read the full piece by Nicole Acevedo in NBC News from October 6, 2023 

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